Firefly: Demons of the Black

Episode Guide

A list of all the adventures so far

The episodes are listed by episode number. The first digit is the season number. The other two digits are the episode number for the season in the order they were written. Some of the episodes were aired out of written order. Some have never been aired.

Season 1
101 – Rope, Throw, and Brand ‘Em (pilot)
102 – Cattle Drive, or Hound Dogs of the Baskerville’s
103 – Gypsum Springs
104 – Sheriff
105 – Reavers
106 – The Coal Mine, or “Scooter”
107 – The Wedding
108 – Invasion!
109 – The Bio Lab

Season 2
201 – The Mail Bag
202 – Kidnapped (never aired)
203 – Looking Into the Beyond
204 – Gods Among Us, or Angels and Demons (never aired)
205 – The Trap
206 – A Steele of a Deal
207 – Garbage Heap
208 – Frog Gig (next episode)
210 – The Big Game, Part 1
211 – The Big Game, Part 2
209 – Politics (future episode, possible season-ending cliffhanger)


Ever watch “The Sting” or the British series “Hustle”? Just wait for “Frog Gig”. You’ll love it.

Episode Guide

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