Kurasshu Anjin-Sama, aka Crash, aka Snakes




  • Str d8
  • Agi d8
  • Vit d8
  • Ale d8
  • Int d8
  • Wil d8


  1. Cortex Spector (Major)
  2. Talented (Minor) – Cooking
  3. Tough As Nails (Minor)
  4. Nose For Trouble (Major)
  5. Fighting Type (Major)


  1. Amnesia (Major)
  2. Traumatic Flashes (Minor)
  3. Dark Secret (Major)
  4. Deadly Enemy (Minor)
  5. Credo (Minor) – Bushido

Toward the end of the war, Crash was the only survivor of a shuttle on the remote planet of (something). He was taken in by a Japanese family who after nursing him back to health taught him the ways of the Samurai and the way around a kitchen. After they passed he decided to see the universe and maybe discover who he really is…

Kurasshu Anjin-Sama, aka Crash, aka Snakes

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