Firefly: Demons of the Black

Episode Guide
A list of all the adventures so far

The episodes are listed by episode number. The first digit is the season number. The other two digits are the episode number for the season in the order they were written. Some of the episodes were aired out of written order. Some have never been aired.

Season 1
101 – Rope, Throw, and Brand ‘Em (pilot)
102 – Cattle Drive, or Hound Dogs of the Baskerville’s
103 – Gypsum Springs
104 – Sheriff
105 – Reavers
106 – The Coal Mine, or “Scooter”
107 – The Wedding
108 – Invasion!
109 – The Bio Lab

Season 2
201 – The Mail Bag
202 – Kidnapped (never aired)
203 – Looking Into the Beyond
204 – Gods Among Us, or Angels and Demons (never aired)
205 – The Trap
206 – A Steele of a Deal
207 – Garbage Heap
208 – Frog Gig (next episode)
210 – The Big Game, Part 1
211 – The Big Game, Part 2
209 – Politics (future episode, possible season-ending cliffhanger)

The Story so far...

Everyone okay with how things are going with this Campaign, with the story, with the pacing, character development? Any suggestions, comments, or criticism?

Fuel situation
We cannot reach the primary target

Jim recalculated the fuel and we have used 714 hours of our 800 hours. We now have 86 hours (3-1/2 days) in the tanks.

Season 2, Episode ??
something about trash or garbage

We picked up from last time where we had the 3 prisoners of the mercs who were at our ship. We were going to board the other ship but it started to take off so Jim shot it with the plasma rifle scoring a hit. One prisoner sang like a canary but didn’t give us any real intel. We let him go and Jim “spaced” the other 2.
We went back to Ariel to deliver the gun but go stopped by the Alliance. They found the plasma gun took it and arrested us. We then had trackers surgically attached to our spinal cords and the ship is wired with explosives and we were told to infiltrate “The Frogs” organization so this Alliance Colonel can get a promotion to General.

We went to somewhere and literally bought 347.2 tons of garbage. While loading it we were attacked by the O’Mally gang who are enemies of “The Frog”. We killed or KO’d 13 of the 17 but Tony, Heather, and I took some serious wounds. We then got a job to deliver a carpet to a Mr. Red on a sensor station and bring back a voucher. When we got there he was dead but there was a 16 year old sex slave girl we found hiding. She was the voucher. Of course she and Scooter are infatuated with each other.

We went back to the trash planet to deliver the girl and there was much debate as to what we should do. Jim and I carried the girl off the ship kicking and screaming and delivered her to the contact. He gave us instructions to contact “The Frog”. I ran my sword through his chest and grabbed the girl. Jim stole the safe.

Somewhere during this time the Dr. (Lisa) has been keeping DNA samples on all of us and she did a DNA comparison and it turns out Scooter is the half brother of Heather & Tony. However, their parents were long dead when he was born – or were they?

I also had a traumatic flash during the fight with the O’Mally gang and have been having nightmares about a bloody knife ever since.

I don’t remember where we are going, Newhall I think, to find “The Frog”.


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